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Master of Science in Physics


physics-astronomy building

The University of Washington Master of Science in Physics program is designed for working professionals who want to expand their knowledge of physics to advance in their careers.

The program began in the 1970s, with Boeing employees comprising most of the early students. Today, our students come from a variety of backgrounds. They are employees of regional high-tech firms, high school teachers, active and retired military personnel, recent college graduates and even retirees who always wanted to increase their knowledge of physics.

As a professional program, the UW Master of Science in Physics prepares students for careers involving the practical applications of physics. It’s not designed to be a preparation for Ph.D. studies — though some students have gone on to Ph.D. programs at UW and elsewhere — and it doesn’t share courses or requirements with UW’s Ph.D. program in physics

The Master of Science in Physics is offered by the Department of Physics, a leader in basic physics science research and science education. Two professors from the department have been awarded Nobel Prizes in Physics, and other faculty have contributed to prize-winning work. A self-sustaining, fee-based degree, the program is administered in partnership with UW Continuum College, which extends the reach of the UW with a range of online and on-campus programs for working professionals and other learners of all ages.